Camden Town


Founded in 1791, Camden Town has been for decades  the symbol of London’s alternative life, freedom and art. Here you can buy handicraft products from all over the world, find vintage items, eat outdoors, have a drink in one of the many pubs or disco bars and, why not, get a very cool tattoo!

We are in the North London area (you reach it with the Northern Line – Black line) in the heart of much  of British cultural history. Here the Clash have made the cover photo of their debut album, here the punk movement has found an ideal place to express itself, here lived the talented and tormented Amy Winehouse.


Today Camden is famous, above all, for the colorful market that is held next to the Regent’s Canal, the atmosphere is obviously alternative and this area is  frequented not only by (too many) tourists but also by teenagers, students and punks.


In recent years many artists and well-to-do, both English and foreign, have decided to live here, to immerse themselves completely in the eclectic and  innovative spirit and cultural ferment of the neighborhood.

Will it lose its original identity? Unfortunately it is in part already  happened, inevitably with the tourist boom of the last decades, but the new wave of popularity between musicians and artists in general gives me a lot of confidence.