Going around Lake Èndine

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Olá! I’m going to discover one of the least known lakes in Lombardy: the Lago di Èndine. This small oasis is located in the Cavallina valley, in the province of Bergamo, 30 km from Bergamo and 60 km from Brescia. It can be reached by car, along the road that leads to Endine Gaiano. For those arriving from Brescia the street view is wonderful because it runs along the east side of Lake Iseo.

Once arrived you can park in one of the many proper free spaces, on the sides of the road.
I leave the car in San Felice al Lago, in the parking lot next to the church of San Michele Arcangelo, a jewel built in 1628.


The pedestrian path runs along the entire perimeter of the lake and is 16 km long (it takes about 3 hours). The route is simple, without gradients, suitable for families. Along the way there are several bars where you can refresh or drink something fresh, in complete peace.



It is an enchanting place, particularly rich in animal life, suitable for the nesting of species of migratory and migratory birdlife such as the mallard, the coot, the moorhen, the swan, the bittern, the grebe, the tawny owl, the kingfisher but also a refuge for many varieties of amphibians and fish.


… all framed by strong and curious trees that line the entire perimeter of the lake and accompany the pedestrian path such as willows, poplars, alders and rare plane trees



I am sure you will find the ideal place for your picnic with a nap


Beautiful aquatic plants that I do not get tired of admiring; among others the marsh reed, the rushes and the white water lilies, are my favorite


But if you prefer something more lively you can take a ride on a pedal boat or a rental boat. It is possible to practice water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, SUP or canoeing while the use of motor boats is strictly forbidden. Even the capeggio is not allowed but, from 2017, it is possible to have a good swim!



In the coldest days of winter, the lake freezes and can be traveled on foot; in some places you can even skate – even if prohibited by municipal regulations for safety reasons.

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I hope you enjoyed this afternoon together.

For questions and suggestions, write below, in the comments.
Ciao from your Crackita

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